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maybe you should learn to love her

Shelby CudeComment

she couldn't tell you where home is because she has so many. she lives in the dark crevices of your heart and nestles into the hairs on the back of your neck. she makes you want to charge ahead into the battle taking place between your head and your heart while also begging that you stay for just a little while longer because she simply enjoys your company.

she has traveled just enough to say that she's traveled. she learned her lessons from the drunk on the street and the hesitation from not-so-strangers. for years she believed she was cursed with the responsibility of caring for others and that painful scar crippled her.

she will scold you while she reaches out her hand and helps you to safety because she's reactionary and emotional, but you kind of like that about her because it feels real. it's hard to argue with her, not because she puts you in checkmate every time, but because she brings something new to the table and you're left equally in awe and exhaustion. she may not beat you up the mountain, but she will be complete when she gets to the top.

she would never expect for you to pick up the tab because she has no appreciation for money but rather for moments. she thinks you're worth it and it scares you because you can't say the same thing about yourself and therefore you question your sanity. she appears transparent when you catch her at the right angle and her light feels good.

she doesn't want to rule the world one day; she just wants to live (ruling the world is too easy). she would rather create, inspire, and continue to dream. she is an ice cold glass of water that your system wasn't ready to drink, running down your spine and striking every nerve in your body.

she's your biggest fan and she wants you on her side.

maybe you should learn to love her.

-inspired by the Women's March on Washington-