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concrete jungle

Shelby CudeComment

in 2016 i visited new york city for the first time in my life. it was nothing and everything i could have imagined, at the same time. i'd ride the subway thinking, "this is what new york is," as hardly anyone said a word for concern of being overheard. it's a beautiful melting pot of cultures and accents and ages and histories. what you can't discern from sights and sounds, you certainly can by smell.

new york city, to me, modernizes the concept of survival of the fittest as it truly appears to be a wild, harsh place with an ecosystem that thrives off of one another as well along with one another. no doubt there's distinct socio-economic gaps present--the fire ant and the black jaguar--both fighting their own battles, not in any way competing with one another for anything more than to be recognized.

if you blink, you'll miss your next connection, but sometimes blinking is the only time you catch a glimpse of the back of your eyelids, triggering the mini-reset button in your head. it's not only a generally accepted way of life, but it's a means for survival.

at night the air comes alive with mystery and inspiration as i imagine dancing all across the floor in an old loft on the 32nd floor with large paned windows overlooking the city, or sparking up a conversation with a random stranger at an bar older than i am in the village, or sitting on a bench in central park, just breathing it all in.

new york city is a place i've come to truly appreciate and i look forward to my return. in the meantime, here are some snaps i managed to take on my last visit. enjoy.