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i hear it all the time. "your generation is just so entitled," as if we're some product you can order off of Amazon Prime (you're secretly really proud that you have that account in the first place) and later leave a scathing review when it doesn't work the way you want it to. it's faulty logic. the product didn't manufacture itself. something created it--however in these statements, the creator of our supposed "entitlement" goes blameless. perhaps you as the user just aren't using us properly.

i can't speak for my entire generation because confining us into keywords like "entitled," is narrow-minded at best. but we think like this. in-group/out-group bias is a psychological reality. it's neither good nor bad--it allows us to draw conclusions quicker through categorization, but in doing so, we skip ahead of ourselves and don't get to really dive in and truly investigate. we label and we move on.

i can't say what we are or are not. it's not my place. what i can say is before you categorize any group of people and label them with some adjective that you have no basis to support that you realize just how ignorant you actually sound. it's labels that have torn people apart for centuries for no reason other than for fear of the unknown.

so instead of demonizing us for our ambition and knowledge of technology and eagerness to reinvent the ladder--to work smarter and not harder--it's our generation that's going to be taking care of yours in a few years once the drugs wear off. instead of seeing a group of people as a threat because they do things differently than you, see what positive attributes they can contribute versus focusing on the negative.

individuals who claim to know everything know nothing, and those that admit they know nothing might actually know something. downgrading an entire generation by saying that we're all just so entitled is not a statement of fact but rather one of ignorant opinion.

i'm going to continue to connect with the world from the palm of my hand. the world i live in is fast paced as the dominoes fall all around me and i recognize my contribution to the bigger picture is small but can have instant effect. i don't expect growth to happen overnight, rather i try to grow more and more every hour of every day, asking thousands of questions until i find an answer. i don't expect a fat check and grandiose title, but i expect to be compensated for what my work is truly worth. is that so much to ask of a young idealist who hasn't been completely hardened by the world just yet? if that makes me "entitled," fine, i can live with that. but type casting my entire generation as such is just simply wrong and i urge you to dive deeper...

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